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Residential services - What we offer

Within today's modern house the internet and telephone have never been more important, with more and more services using a connection to the Internet through broadband. Consider how many of our daily activities now either require, or depend, on an Internet connection or access to data: listening to music, watching movies, playing video games, scheduling appointments, emailing, shopping, shipping, planning travel, etc. Low Voltage UK Ltd offers you the latest technology to ensure you will not get left behind.

Wireless internet

As technology advances more and more people are using it in home applications. Whether you're using a desktop PC, laptop, tablet device or smartphone, you will want to get the most out of it. From apartment blocks to the largest manor houses we can help you achieve this with the latest wireless systems.

Using NETGEAR wireless technology, Low Voltage UK Ltd offer you solutions to all your Wi-Fi issues. We provide a complete end to end wireless service to ensure complete coverage for all Wi-Fi enabled devices, both fixed and mobile. Using wireless access units hidden around your home, we pride ourselves on being hidden cabling specialists – when the jobs done, you won't even know we had been there.


We provide a wide a range of telephony solutions for the home user, from single telephone extensions to small telephone systems with the ability to connect more than one BT line and a number of extensions, giving you the ability to transfer and hold calls around the home.

Low Voltage UK Ltd also provide a fault finding service and rewiring for residential properties. All too often faults occur when external cabling becomes old or is damaged, and if the cables are not hidden properly, it will make the house look untidy and messy – we provide advice and solutions for all your cabling nightmares.

Door entry and gates/ CCTV

People who want to go the extra mile when it comes to security for the home often choose door entry systems and/or automated gate operators. Low Voltage UK Ltd provide a wide range of products to suit any property.

Internet CCTV cameras or 'IP cameras' are being used more and more in the modern home. Being able to view your property from your smart phone anywhere in the world is a must for some homeowners.

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